Monday, March 29, 2010

We all make mistakes

Correction to my lasted post Summer of 2011 not 2012 is our trip to Boston.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Adventure of SB 10

WELL the pictures are at the bottom so if you just want to skip to those that hurts but have fun and you if you read you will find that you can win a prize from me!! WELLLLLLL it has been way over due since i have posted but it has been a eventful time so lets start where i left off.......... Friday the 12th came and i went to school and came home to pack the car and waited for my passengers to come home so we can leave and at 4:20 we did just that and I started and drove and drove til we arrived at Denver and we spent the night there. I maned David's couch I did many times through out this trip. Well the next day i went to the temple for the first time in three years and have a want to return as soon and as much time permits. After i got done mother and alicia went in and i spend some time with davids family. And david thought this would be a good time to beat this brother in quick game of bowling but, however; he was corrected as i started off slow but when the game was on the line i responded as a real champ. If you haven't figured out yet i won. Well after mother and alicia were done and i jump in the driver seat and headed to our next stopping with the thought of 50 cent little America ice cream cone in the back of my head. Well as i was cruising along making amazing time a light turns on and it says low tire pressure so i looked at it and was loosing air as i was driving and i thought if it got any lower i would have to pull over and thats what i did. And i heard the air coming out of the tire and i thought this was not good alicia finally woke up and asked what was wrong. And with my assistants in the pit crew we changed the tire alicia maned the trunk my mother maned supervision responsibilities and we had the spare on and back on the road in sixteen mins. Well a mile later i saw a sign saying rawlins 70 miles and thought this is going to take forever and that's what it did but with some music and snacks i made it there. So we called around and got some opinions on places that could help us on Sunday. And the doubts were there that was for sure and the next closest place was 120 miles away. So Sunday morning we woke up ate our free breakfast and headed to see if someone in the GREAT town of rawlins could help us and GUESS WHAT.... No one could and so i kept control of the car and drove 65 to Rock springs which if you can figured up the math moved my avg speed to 75mphs(well i got this idea from a friend so the first one to figure out my speed will win amazing prize first post wins). We got to Rock springs and with four new tires not just two cuz the auto department didn't write up the ticket right so we got four new tires and warranty too. I have been driving now the whole way and it's not that i don't let others drive it was just alicia slept and with mother driving we would have not gotten home til a couple of days ago. So we got to salt lake city in some amazing time and saw one of the funniest man i know, Granddad aka F.H. Carlton, we met at his office and i could tell he missed me alot. The main reason is because he talked to me between his thought of the flat tire and how the dealer in Great bend should do something about it. But i'm excited to see him this summer at the lake. Well after our times with him he headed to my mothers brother Ben which he provided us with some great chicken and potatoes salad and spent some quality time and some cousins i havent seen in a long time. It was great and excited but this trip wasn't a trip to seat and stay a long time at one place. So we spent the night and headed north to rexburg. As i forgot to say earlier in the story david let me borrow his DS and zelda. But with long hours driving and late nights playing the DS i was exhausted but i still grab the wheel and started our track at six to get to BYU-I so mom can go to college with Kjersti. And i made it almost have way til i was falling asleep i swallowed my pride and let mother drive because alicia was asleep. Well i dosed off and woke up for us to head to McDonalds for some breakfast. And mother finished the track north and surprisingly we were on time. Well a day with traven t'naya was a treat the are full of energy and wanted to just keep going and going. Well i got a quick nap but until traven found out and he was not so happy to see me laying there but t'naya protected me and i got some extra time thanks to her. well when i woke up we went for a walk and then drove the white stallion to pick kjersti up. And then offended her roommate in five mins and then left. Dinner was pizza hut that was really good and then clean the van out then hit the sack because the next was going to be a earlier morning. AND it was with me arising at 545 to be at the temple by 6 and we made it all right then a quick photo shoot by me with kjersti then dropping her off at class then off to Chris's house. At this point mother was flying solo in her car and i was with alicia in the van. With some must to stop on the ways like The stevensons and the Twin falls lake temple and the falls and lunch with Jorge. But we made it to the amazing town off Nyssa and headed to surprise Chris at school. Well we had canceled his Science club but we met James and almost had to cover his back with some students picking on him but he just walked away like a real man would have. So we went to Chris's house and got the grand tour or most of it since we showed up have way done with it and since it was the last tour of the day (since the house is so HUGE) we didn't receive the begining half. We spent some time had dinner and we hit the sack and i maned the couch for another night. The next morning me and alicia headed to the boise temple. Which was great and some photos and then to stevens where we waited for mother to catch up. At steven it started with cameron tbeing a big boy and pouring his own milk and also Hayden and Bryson trying to find that sneaky leperkun (Prize for correct spelling) was another day with him trying to show that him being 32 (if wrong mother gave me the number) can still handle me in some nice sporting events and then decided to take me to church with him so i could relive the glory days as QB of the church team which we did win as i marched the troops now the field time after time to Victory. Then it was time to head to bed for tomorrow was a long drive to denver. And the next morning came and I got in the van and head by myself to denver with a stop to get some Ice Cream and some sleep i made it to David's a little after Mother did. That night David took me to his church to play some basketball which was exciting to see the wannabees, the has been, and the still are played together. And my team won some games but not because of me but because i had a guy like Steve nash that can pass a ball like treading a needle and a guy that could dunk. And also got to see David's ability to run up and down the court. But then off to bed to wake up to snow everywhere. And i knew Spring break was over cuz it was winter again. And kansas was blowing like always. I'm home now and six weeks left in this semester and going great Michigan State is back in the Final Four even with all the Doubters. But thanks for all who read this and it was a lot alright and since i have invited you to see my blog it would be great if you could do the same to me just saying. LOVE ALWAYS Brian Daniel Carlton
And now I planning our vaction to Boston YES!!!!!!!! Boston in the Summer of 2012 so cathy hope your home at the end of June because we are going to be in your area then.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Got you all the pictures will be here soon Sorry but didn't have the pictures on hand when writing this.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Up Coming Journey

Well I got frustrated a this Work Ethic thing I need to finish by Monday, so i decided to update my blog for my fans because I have 1 right now (thanks Jennifer). But maybe some day people will want to follow my life like they do my mothers. Well I have just completed my first class of the second semester. And one more week till I go on Spring Break, I thought it would be another winter break but it warmed up nicely here. Well this spring break I couldn't find a good enough excuse to get out of another great trip out west and through the dangerous mountain passes.
The image on the left can happen to anyone and I hope for the best. Beside sliding off the road it will be a very productive trip as we will bring Alicia's stuff home from the west and also see five of the seven family members that do not live with me. And also Uncle Ben and Granddad. Well life is good and i hope it is good for who ever reads this Blog of mine and I wish you all the best.