Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hard work comes Great Reward

I'm going to try to update my blog weekly so for the week of
March 28- April 3

Dear Brian,

It is with a great pleasure that we invite you to join the Phi Psi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa....
Well instead of writing the letter out I'll summaries it. Your amazing and your hard work has paid off and you can now say you have a 3.5 or better grade point avg and owe us 70 bucks to put that you were in our organization on your resume'. And did we say your amazing before.
But thats about it. I know I'm amazed myself for in high school i was never good enough to be in (NHS) national honor society but now i got on the right track and now Phi Theta Kappa wants me.
Thanks for reading and following,
Brian D. Carlton


  1. Brian...I am supper impressed with your GPA. Way to go!! College really is great.

  2. Congrats! Does this mean you were hazed or participated in Rush? Does it include a house to live in? Are you a fRat boy now?

  3. Nope none of the above. It means i get to attend meetings about Barton Community College and now must keep my grades up and also get to wear the "colors"(at gold scarf) at gradution

  4. Wow, very impressive! Is the scarf made of real gold??

  5. The color of the scarf is gold.