Saturday, April 3, 2010

Just another Week

April 4-April 10

Well I finished my last interview this week. And now on May 2 I will be ordained . This is a new step in life that I am ready to take upon. I also thank everyone that supports me in all that i do. This week has been pretty dull just working and going to Brittanie's softball games and keeping up with school. I have been doing up keep around the house and as i was fix the lawn mower i had a little accident. Sorry for the late update.


  1. Little Accident. . . Explain More. This is a blog. We will tell you when there is TMI. Tammy almost did that with the stitch picture, but there was a warning.
    Congrats on the ordination to be. Elder? Is that what's next? Does that mean you are going on a mission?
    Am I asking too many questions?

  2. I tore a layer of skin from my nail on my thumb to my knuckle. and yes elder and i don't and no your not

  3. COngrats on the ordination wish we could be there! YOu don't what? Know about the mission or share enough? :)

  4. Hey, it's been a new week or two. What's going on?