Friday, April 30, 2010

Lets catch up it has been too long...

Yes Cathy you are correct I have been slacking on my blog. But the good news is that I have been slacking because I have been busy. Let’s catch everyone up. Well my first at Barton Community College is coming to a close. It has been a fast but an exciting journey. I have been doing well as my loyal followers would know already. And I have been asked to escort the students in at Graduation. I have also been putting in at least 20 hrs a week with The Larned Rec Dept. as grounds crew. As most of my followers that grow up around good Ol’ Larned, Kansas you will remember Howell Field. When I started it was an over grown sticker patch. And with hard work and a Gator, a metal drag, a rack, and a shovel it is now the new practice facility for a local little league team. My boss Mike and a Mexican name Ray-Ray (when he shows up) get started while I’m still at school. I enjoy working for the comments and thank yous of how good the field looks to play on.

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